Koishiwara Pottery -Tableware to Enhance Your Meals-


* Click on the photo below to view the lineup of each pottery.

Cup Brown (φ8cm H8.5cm) Soup bowl Brown (φ13cm H7cm) Bread plate Brown (φ19.5cm H2.5cm) Shallow bowl Brown (φ21cm H4.5cm) Large bowl Brown (φ26cm H6.5cm) Deep bowl Brown (φ19cm H8cm)
Soup bowl [small] (φ10cm H5.5cm) Soup bowl (φ13cm H7cm) Shallow bowl [small] (φ17cm H5cm) Shallow bowl (φ21cm H4.5cm) Large bowl (φ26cm H6.5cm) Deep bowl (φ19cm H8cm)
Cup (φ8cm H8.5cm) Bread plate [small] (φ16cm H1.5cm) Bread plate (φ19.5cm H2.5cm) Daily Plate (φ23cm H2.5cm) Mortar (φ15cm H7cm) Jug (φ8.5cm H18.5cm)
Pitcher (φ8cm H8.5cm) Pot (φ8cm H8.5cm [a lid exclude.]) My Cup (φ8.5cm H9cm) My Cup (φ8.5cm H9cm) Dinner plate (φ27cm H2.5cm) Cheeseboard [small] (φ21cm H2cm)
Cup Terracotta (φ8cm H8.5cm) Soup bowl Terracotta (φ13cm H7cm) Shallow bowl Terracotta (φ21cm H4.5cm)

Tips on the Proper Care of Ceramic Tableware

◎Soak well in water before the initial use to make it stain resistant
◎After use, clean with dish washing detergent, etc. as soon as possible and thoroughly dry in the shade.
If the ceramic tableware is not dried well and stored in a cupboard, mold may form, resulting in black stains.
◎Surface cracking may develop in the glaze. This is a characteristic of ceramics resulting from different shrinkages between the glaze and clay.
To prevent penetration of stains in the cracking, soak ceramic tableware in water before every use.

Koishiwara Pottery ceramics are individually hand crafted, and therefore the tone and shape may not be exactly the same from one to another.
This is one of the charming features and a testament to the fact that each piece is handcrafted.


Koishiwara Pottery ceramics will be distributed by Weeks Co., Ltd.
Send an e-mail to the following address for inquiries:koishiwara@weeks-f.co.jp



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